About Us

Indec Consulting means results, innovation, increased performance, intelligent initiatives and inspired knowledge.

Indec has been offering Australian businesses a range of services including management consulting, asset management and business solutions from 1982. Since then, we have transformed hundreds of companies and enabled countless projects to reach and exceed their goals.

Indec’s experienced and qualified top-level consultants, technical advisors, program managers and subject matter experts are able to offer their services to government departments, and private and public companies. Our expertise extends to the industries of:

  • Light and Heavy Rail
  • Schools and Education
  • Government and Defence Services
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Business & Financial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Mining

Work with Indec Consulting and benefit from our intimate understanding of your sector and from the fresh perspectives and expertise that our advisors can offer.

Our experienced management consultants will work closely with you to achieve solid, measurable and effective results, from start to finish.

Our Mission

Indec Consulting strives for one thing – results.

Our mission is to provide high-quality management advisory services which lead to demonstrable and tangible results for our clients.

Indec is always prepared to manage the implementation of its recommendations. Our commitment to total quality in all areas of our business is reflected in the fact that we are quality certified to the Australian/New Zealand Standard ISO 9001 (Quality systems – model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing).

Our Experience

Indec Consulting provides the best of the best in business management consultants, technical advisors and fully tertiary-qualified subject matter experts, each of whom have decades of career experience. We select our management consultants based on their industry knowledge, their effectiveness in the application of projects and their laser-like focus on results.

The areas of your business that our management consulting firm specialises in revising and restructuring include:

  • Supplier and Asset Performance
  • Operations
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Systems and Processes
  • Program and Project Management
  • Information Communication and Technology

The improvements we devise for your company are strategic and sustainable, delivered to you by our hand-picked team of leading Australian business management consultants, technical advisors, program managers and subject matter experts.

Contact Indec Consulting today for intelligent and creative solutions across your business.