Our Membership with the IAM

Indec’s objective of providing first-class services in the realm of asset management is achieved through both the ability to assess and certify an organisation to PAS55 (IAM Assessment Methodology) as well assess an organisation to ISO55000 (international standards for Asset Management).

This support is made available through our Company’s membership with the IAM and Indec’s own certified and authorised Endorsed Assessors who have succeeded in the IAM Certificate Exam.

Accredited Team Members

Indec’s Endorsed Assessors are Peter Shepherd, Peter Tilley, Sandro Marin, Melissa Lysaght, Alex King, Tim Pegley and Alex Deng.

About the Institute of Asset Management

The IAM is a not-for-profit, professional body for those involved in acquisition, operation and care of physical assets – especially critical infrastructure. In particular, the Institute is for professionals worldwide who are dedicated to furthering their knowledge and understanding of Asset Management. The IAM’s priorities are to promote and enable the generation and application of knowledge, training and good practice, and to help individuals become demonstrably competent.

For more information visit  www.theIAM.org