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Indec Consulting helps partners from project identification/business justification/cost benefit analysis, through the design phases to procurement and then project implementation/program oversight/reporting/post implementation.

Indec Consulting utilises its in-depth infrastructure and asset management skills and expertise combined with its industry knowledge and experience in delivering program and project management services to the Government sector as well as providing innovative systems and processes to meet our customers’ needs.

Indec Consulting has been helping improve processes since 1982. Our consultants are uniquely placed to assist your organisation to improve program and project delivery standards and compliance with prescribed policies, standards, processes and procedures.

Our deep industry knowledge allows us to understand the technical issues and human factors faced by your organisation, while our innovative capital management methodology, which has been developed from an in-depth knowledge of Government operations and our wide experience with Capital management across a number of industry segments enable us to devise ways to improve how your organisation/sector performs.

We are leaders in asset management, which is based on strategic insight, management experience and technical expertise, as well as capital works program and project management. We have developed a technically sophisticated information management system based on proprietary platforms which are “best of breed’ to meet current and future capital works reporting needs.

Indec Consulting consistently achieves enviable results, delivering practical and cost-effective techniques and solutions. Indec utilises its extensive industry experience for the benefit of new sectors it operates in. We stand by our recommendations, and work together with our partners to produce quality results.

Portfolio and Program Services

Indec assists clients with the challenge of choosing a portfolio of projects and programs that will best achieve the client’s business strategy. The need to achieve maximum benefits with limited project budgets is an ongoing challenge. Indec supports clients to make informed decisions about which projects and initiatives will best achieve the client’s strategic objectives and then to manage the risk associated with running multiple projects by establishing and/or operating an Enterprise Program Management Office or Portfolio Management Office.

A Portfolio and Program Management Framework (PPMF) can be developed which would ensure consistency across all programs; to provide clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of all parties; to document delegated authority levels and referral points; to confirm the processes adopted for the collection, management and reporting of program related information including financial, risk, and schedule related information.

Portfolio and Program Management Framework (PPMF)

The PPMF can be structured to meet the individual needs of the client and could include, but not be limited to, sections covering:

  • Governance and Processes
  • Portfolio Planning and Prioritisation
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • Issue and Risk Management
  • Quality Control and Compliance
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement
  • Reporting
  • Transition

Project Services

Strategic Advice

  • Project identification, Business case, Cost Benefit & Value for Money analysis.
  • Project design, specification, organisation, and target setting.
  • Master planning alignment with desired outcomes.

Innovative Procurement

  • Post-project evaluations
  • Service level agreements.
  • Business & Project Process Improvement.

Portfolio Management

Coordinating and prioritising investments:

  • Providing clear insights into the business value of portfolios and emerging trends.
  • Measuring real capabilities to achieve more efficient portfolio implementation.
  • Ensuring that the proposed investment initiatives are tracking business benefits.
  • Providing a hands-on approach to bring exceptions back on track.

Program Management & Project Management

Managing a suite of projects competing for scarce resources:

  • Project specification
  • Resource allocation
  • Procurement
  • Program scope, time and cost
  • Project reporting and evaluation
  • Risk and Quality management
  • Stakeholder and communications management

Project Reviews and Health Checks

Expert reviews and actionable recommendations to help project teams deliver the desired business outcomes:

  • Process analysis – effectiveness
  • Accountability mapping
  • Assessment of the maturity of Portfolio Management
  • Practical, staged improvement plans
  • Project Recovery expertise – applying proven expertise and sensitivity