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Research shows that, regardless of industry, project failure is a critical problem in modern business. For many businesses – both in Australia and overseas – project failure is a daily concern as managers struggle to meet targeted benefits and timeframes.

Indec conducts expert reviews and delivers actionable recommendations to help project teams deliver the desired business outcomes.

Specialist techniques are used to assess project delivery success (including Project Reviews, Health Checks and Accountability Mapping) and practical and honest recommendations are provided.

Indec’s expertise extends across a broad range of industries and disciplines and the Company has a strong track record in applying proven expertise and sensitivity to ensure that intended outcomes are always achieved.

Challenges of Portfolio Management

Indec assists clients with the challenge of choosing a portfolio of projects and programs that will best achieve the client’s business strategy.

The need to achieve maximum benefits with limited project budgets is an ongoing challenge. Indec supports clients to make informed decisions about which projects and initiatives will best achieve the client’s strategic objectives and then to manage the risk associated with running multiple projects by establishing and/or operating an Enterprise Program Management Office or Portfolio Management Office.

The Portfolio Management Process

The Indec Portfolio Management process assists clients to negotiate everyday challenges:

  • Portfolio Management is complex by nature – Indec helps simplify it.
  • Senior management has limited time available to understand the whole portfolio and its dynamics – Indec helps gather key decision support information and present quickly understood views.
  • The organisation’s strategy may be unclear and changing – Indec helps make implementation sufficiently agile to cope.
  • Senior management often has insufficient information about the organisation’s implementation capability – Indec identifies gaps and builds the portfolio and personnel structures accordingly.
  • Senior managers may be rewarded for the division’s performance rather than the whole organisation’s performance, inhibiting co-operation – Indec facilitates decision making and provides weighted priority decision making models.

Enterprise Program Management

Indec’s Enterprise Program Management Office (or Portfolio Management Office) provides real value to decision makers by:

  • gathering information and presenting it in ways that give clear insights into the business value of the portfolio of projects;
  • measuring the real capabilities of the so that the implementation portfolio is likely to be achievable;
  • reporting progress and tracking costs;
  • tracking business benefits; and
  • providing a highly responsive service to the portfolio governance decision makers.

Indec also provides external reviews and health checks, giving an assessment of the maturity of Portfolio Management and providing a practical, staged improvement plan.