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Procurement Process

Throughout the procurement process Indec are able to respond promptly and efficiently to urgent requests for technical advisory support and scale up or down in a timely manner that is cost effective to the State. Indec also provides independent, frank and honest assessments and sign off.

Technical Advisory, Due Diligence Services and Project Reviews

Indec is able to offer at competitive rates a ready pool of Technical Advisors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to:

  • assist with the preparation of EOI and RFP documentation and specifications
  • assist with Project Definitions
  • provide technical or peer group reviews and technical papers
  • assist with independent assessment of technical specifications
  • conduct and/or facilitate technical risk assessments (technical, reputational, financial and operational risks)
  • identify and solve whole of project, integration and interface issues; and
  • cover all aspects including below and above rail elements and impacts on railway and time table operation

Procurement and Project Risk Assessment

It’s All About Balance

Government Procurement Objectives

  • Transfer risk to the party best capable of managing over the life of the asset
  • Maximise taxpayer value for money and allow allocation of capital elsewhere
  • Faster project delivery
  • Leverage synergies from integrating design and construction with financing and maintenance


Supplier Objectives

  • Minimise cost to deliver and maintain quality
  • Maximise earnings
  • Build company relationships with Governments
  • Secure additional projects and service contracts

Achieving Balance

In addition to transferring risk and improving value for money, the procurement process needs to be structured and managed such that it is attractive for the contractor to deliver the project on time, within budget and to the stated quality levels.

Due Diligence Services

Indec is able to offer an experienced Due Diligence Team. Our Due Diligence Service capability can respond in a cost effective, timely and low risk manner to meet tight time lines:

  • all Indec CPRCP Due Diligence Team members are immediately available;
  • our team has extensive experience in providing rail related due diligence services to a wide range of clients including rail operators, mining companies, investment banks and financiers; and
  • our experience and knowledge is relevant to the Metro Rail and other projects.

Project Reviews

Indec is able to offer independent assessments at critical stages of the procurement process:

  • identify and ameliorate project risks including impacts on whole of network and railway operations;
  • compliance with technical requirements and project definitions;
  • assessment of whether the project(s) will deliver the State’s objectives (will it work?);
  • impact of other works and interfaces on the project(s) and deliverability;
  • operational readiness considerations; and
  • the impacts of technical specifications and risk allocation on commercial and financial project arrangements and overall value for money.