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Globally, industries and government are undergoing fundamental change at an increasingly rapid rate.  Competition between and within industries is intense and customers are demanding ever higher levels of service, responsiveness and value for money. Owners and shareholders on the other hand are demanding better returns on investment and growth. The call for global and national integration is also increasing as is the pace of deregulation, commercialisation and privatisation. The phenomenal rate of technological advance in all modes superimposed on these changes presents all industries and governments with significant short and longer term challenges and opportunities. Since 1982 Indec Consulting specialists have assisted a growing range of industries and government service providers in realising the opportunities of change. We have applied our methodologies to many business organisations from service providers to heavy industry, covering the spectrum from small local businesses to national authorities and multinational corporations.

Commercial Advisory and Cost Analysis

Indec conducts commercial viability assessments of infrastructure projects, pricing reviews, and determination of access conditions and agreements. Our experience includes conducting due diligence for financial institutions relating to infrastructure assets.

Indec is regularly engaged by Government, Economic and Safety Regulators and the private sector on infrastructure projects and private industry bids and/or acquisitions in the, port, rail and public transport sectors.

Indec’s recent projects include:

  • Financial and cost analysis;
  • Cost-benefit analysis;
  • Discounted cash-flow analysis, terminal values, sensitivity analysis;
  • Economic and engineering verification;
  • Funding models;
  • Revenue and financial projections;
  • Cost reviews and audits;
  • Concept investment appraisal particularly with regard to competition and regulation policy and complying with Government requirements;
  • Strategies for offering or appraising new supply chain assets to investors;
  • Operational and asset strategies with regard to tariff setting; and
  • Demand and staged development options

Project Development

Our capabilities in major project development and management tasks cover:

  • Identification of service needs and output requirements;
  • Regulatory requirements;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Asset management and prioritisation of expenditure;
  • Due diligence;
  • EOI and tender specifications;
  • Dispute settlement and arbitration; and
  • Contract management and contract delivery.

Regulatory Negotiation

Indec completes legislative reviews and assists with submissions to industry bodies and commissions, and conducts compliance audits and efficiency reviews of internal processes and interfaces to regulatory bodies.

Indec enables new projects through the interpretation and practical application of regulatory and legislative obligations.

Indec is at the forefront of competition policy reform and has experience with:

  • Access regimes;
  • Public benefit tests; and
  • Regulatory undertakings/guidelines.

Transport and Logistics

Indec has been at the forefront of fundamental change in transport management and our capabilities, expertise and results are widely recognised in the industry.

Indec has developed and implemented substantial transport and competitive strategies, conducted feasibility and due diligence studies for major development projects and achieved significant cost savings. Indec has improved asset utilisation, reliability and availability and optimised transport services, supply chains and networks.  Indec’s experience includes commercialisation, marketing and trade facilitation, full-cost pricing, outsourcing management of major asset and service procurement projects.

Indec has provided services to major transport-related privatisation projects including bid management, patronage, and freight and revenue projections. This experience with privatisation projects includes asset management and operational planning, costings and simulation, transition planning and implementation.


Within the mining sector, our clients operate in the areas of investment, regulation, mining and production, mixing, blending and refining, storage and transport.

Clients that have partnered with Indec include miners of coal, iron ore, bauxite and other minerals, and oil and gas companies.

Indec has completed due diligence work for the mining and financial sectors.

We provide professional services to industry associations, and also to key supply chain providers, such as public and private rail operators and ports.

Mining sector clients have utilised Indec’s services in dealing with state treasuries and regulatory agencies to negotiate access arrangements, with departments of transport and roads, and a diverse range of mining industry suppliers including gas, electricity and water utility providers.

Supply Chain Management

Indec has a proven capability in supply chain management covering all transport modes and this capability includes:

  • Business case development and economic valuations;
  • Analysis of storage and delivery requirements/risks/options;
  • Modelling supply chain options;
  • Infrastructure access requirements (i.e. port terminals and delivery systems);
  • Infrastructure projects feasibility, development and management;
  • Service innovation and technology;
  • Freight and port staged development;
  • Consortia and joint venture formation;
  • Interfacing regulatory compliance and Government agencies requirements;
  • Project development including cost estimating; and
  • Project delivery and risk management.

Port Development and Infrastructure Management

Indec has demonstrated a capacity to undertake long-term strategic port planning development and supply chain interface projects. Our key strengths are testing and verifying project commercial viability, project concept and delivery, project innovation and asset management including CAPEX and OPEX optimisation with regard to commercial risk.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Indec is at the forefront of integrated asset management, aligning commercial objectives and outcomes with appropriate maintenance, construction and upgrade strategies.

Indec provides a comprehensive range of services to developers, owners, operators and maintainers of major infrastructures and utility assets.

Our asset management capabilities are extensive and have been successfully applied for port assets, rail networks, roads, and utilities over many years. Indec’s approach to asset management covers:

  • Integrating strategy in relation to stakeholder objectives with regard to asset configuration and condition;
  • CAPEX and OPEX optimisation;
  • Life-cycle costing;
  • Business case development for new capital works and upgrades; and
  • Prioritisation models for capital and maintenance expenditure.

Indec’s expertise in asset management has been recognised by several international bodies:

  • Specialist designers and implementers of Integrated Asset Management, compliant with PAS55:2008;
  • Corporate Member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and IAM Endorsed assessor;
  • Corporate member of the Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) ISO 31000:2009 risk management principals; and
  • Accredited to ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standard.

Simulation of Port and Terminal Operations

Indec uses simulation modelling to test alternative port designs and terminal operations to understand the capacity of a port or export terminal and establish the utilisation of major systems infrastructure resources. This modelling optimises capital utilisation and identifies the least cost solutions to alleviate bottlenecks and supply chain constraints.