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Indec’s knowledge and insights were able to challenge traditional thinking and present senior management with a range of viable accommodation alternatives in a timely and cost-effective way.

Indec conducted a business-centric evaluation to uncover the business functional needs followed by a physical accommodation study to assess and shortlist the suitability of various known facilities in and around the Brisbane CBD.

A co-design methodology was adopted and involved engaging the Queensland Treasury Corporation and Queensland Police Service personnel. We utilised a business capability model methodology and a multi-criteria analysis process, including whole-of-life cost models and indicative development timeframes for each of the options.

Following on from the success of the accommodation strategy, Indec provided an assessment of the Cairns Police Headquarters functional requirements.

We conducted a condition and suitability review with identification of the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities of the various locations. The report included options with each presented with estimated costs, indicative timelines and a summary of advantages and limitations. Based on physical, strategic and financial analysis, we also made recommendations on short- and medium-term decisions and actions to allow Queensland Police Service and the State to progress deliberately towards a new accommodation model for the Cairns Police Headquarters.



Project Details

Queensland Treasury Corporation
Queensland Police Service
Project Value
$550 million
Market Sector
Built Environment and Social Infrastructure > Police, Justice and Emergency Services
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Cairns, QLD, Australia
Strategic Advice and Planning
Business Analytics
Strategic Communications and Engagement
Needs Analysis, Service and Program/Project Development
Funding Strategies and Value Capture

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