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The joint NSW and Commonwealth Government Western Sydney Rail Needs Study was established to determine the long-term rail service needs for Western Sydney, including ground transport requirements of the new Western Sydney Airport.

Indec investigated the rail needs for Western Sydney as a whole, including connectivity within and from Western Sydney to the rest of the city, and explored the best options for providing rail network connectivity to Western Sydney Airport.

Economic, demographic and commercial drivers were considered for various rail connections, travel speeds and service types in the region and assessed the need, timing, and service options for rail services when the Western Sydney Airport opens in 2026.

The Scoping Study Outcomes Report has been published on the Transport for NSW website.

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Project Details

Transport for NSW
Market Sector
Transport & Mobility > Public Transport
2016 – 2017
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Needs Analysis, Service and Program/Project Development
Rail Network Planning
Data Analytics and Simulation Modelling

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Arthur Smith, Principal