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Australia is one of the driest continents on earth, with variable climate that challenges all aspects of water policy and management from catchment to supply, and management of wastewater. The dynamics of water continue to change, planning and delivering of effective water systems requires clarity of thought and processes and a diversity of skills.

With a focus on public sector clients, our water sector services range from strategic advice, business cases, project delivery leadership and support and finding ways to efficiently improve the operations of existing water systems. We help our clients solve institutional, organisational and project-related problems and our program and project managers and delivery specialists are able to gain a deep understanding of client strategic goals while maintaining an unwavering focus on cost, quality, risk and schedule.

Our services include:

  • Strategic advice: helping governments, water service providers, and water users to tackle complex challenges of water management. Examining and advising on changes and improvements to service delivery models, policy settings, and strategic development opportunities that better enable clients to respond effectively in changing environments.
  • Planning and development: assisting clients to create fit for purpose projects and initiatives including needs analysis, modelling, options identification and assessment, business cases, assurance process, strategic communications and advocacy.
  • Providing project leadership and support: individual to large multi-skilled teams providing project and program management services, connecting the dots through effective interface management, transaction management, technical advisory services, project reviews and operational readiness.
  • Management and maintenance of systems: asset management systems diagnostic reviews and development, dam safety systems and technical advice, operational reviews, incident investigations and maintenance management and advice.