Asset Management

Our experienced management consultants, technical advisors, program managers and subject matter experts have developed industry-tailored strategies to introduce integrated asset management and management policies. Our approach is based on business planning and linking asset strategies to service delivery, risk management, capital investment plants and maintenance planning.

On a technical level, Indec can both assess and certify an organisation to The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) PAS55 standard. Our experts are also qualified to assess an organisation to ISO55000 (Asset Management) standard.

Clients across all levels of government, mining, transport, logistics and utilities have taken advantage of our superior asset management consulting services.

Measurable Results

Indec’s Integrated Asset Management approach yields significantly reduced facility related costs, alignment with business objectives and integrated risk assessment processes.

Our methodologies include the monitoring of outcomes to quickly identify gaps and highlight what needs addressing in order to streamline and improve your business.

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