Investment Management

As a business with deep experience at State Government level, Indec has provided numerous workshop facilitation and business case services in compliance with the Victorian Government’s Investment Management Standard. Our investment management projects have extended to:

  • Setting up investments, programs and projects to address core problems
  • Reducing investment risks
  • Creating a point of focus for the team to achieve economic and operational goals
  • Delivering a collaborative decision-making solution

Indec Consulting’s Investment Management Standard is a three to four workshop series. Outputs include a compelling Investment Logic Map (ILM), a one-page map that depicts the logic for the investment. We use this as a basis for verifying the benefits and analysing strategic options for the business case.

To date, all investment applications that Indec has facilitated have been funded.

Ongoing benefits

Our consultants’ superior economic and financial analysis services provide significant performance improvements. With our assistance, our government and corporate clients are able to predict and achieve revenue increases, cost savings and improvement in business processes and operations.

Let us leverage our industry expertise to tailor a suite of economic and financial analysis tools that suit the specific needs of your business.

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